Tangled Theme Party

Last week my daughter turned 4 and I threw her a Tangled theme party. Rapunzel is her favorite princess at the moment. Of course she loves other princesses too but Tangled has a special place in her little heart.

When started to write my to-do-list the first prority were the invitations. After searching for inspirations I came across with the most basic/obvious thing – Tangled is a Disney movie so what better than sending a movie ticket look-a-like invitation? With a huge help from my friend Vasco we sent this 3 sets:

Here at www.supermommoments.com you can find another great DIY idea for invitations.

www.supermomments.com was a huge helper for party ideas like decor and activities. For example, the party’s guest greeting – Rapunzel’s giant braid!  I knew 2 things: one that I wanted to have the braid coming down from our window; second, I couldn’t do it myself!! With a little (huge/giant/super-fabulous) help from my mom and sisters we had a 17 m (aprox 56 ft) golden braid coming down our building wall. It was amazing!

(you can find instructions and many other ideas here)

I asked the same girl as last year to do my daughter’s birthday cake. Andrea runs A Oficina do Açúcar and since I started to work with her I don’t want anyone else. Not only she does everything you ask for but she also gives her insight as well. When we were brainstorming about what to do (Tangled-theme birthday cakes aren’t quite easy to find, at least the ones I like) we both realized it was better not do make sugar-princess-doll since Rapunzel has such a peculiar and sweet figure. It is impossible to recreate her! So instead, I went to the nearest Disney store and bought the mini Tangled figures and Andrea added them to the cake. Now my daughter has a real birthday cake souvernir to play with. This was the final work:

Everybody knows that kids just want to have fun! Fortunatly I have a great playground right in front of my house. And for the indoors lovers I had some funny painting activites with Flynn and Rapunzel. You can find a downloadable PDF here (I translated them to portuguese).

Since this parties also includes the grown-ups this year I wanted to have something for them too. I found the Oh Happy Day blog with incredible party ideas super easy to do. When came across the Photobooth Props I knew I had to have them at our party! It’s amazing and the photos are super fun! Everybody loved them.

Now it’s time to start thinking about next year’s theme!



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  1. Tive tanta pena de ter estado tão cansada na hora da grande folia, mas tinha também a resposnsabilidade de voltar para o Porto. Contudo, adorei toda a criatividade da festa. Mas quero o convite, still…. 😉

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