Kiss Me, Kate

This past week went on a mini-holiday which made me away from the world wide web but gave me the opportunity to catch up on reading. When travelling I always tend to spend most of my airport time on the newsstand figuring out which mags I want to buy (gosh I wish I had all of them every single week!). And of course American Vogue September issue had to be a chosen one. Have you seen the ultra romantic photos from Kate Moss’ wedding? So beautiful. All the stunning photos are by Mario Testino and you can see more here.

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Green Wedding Shoes

If you’re planning your wedding or you know someone who is then the Green Wedding Shoes has to be your bible! Everything they post is adorable and if it’s impossible for you to find a vendor in your area you can get at least pretty good damn ideas. See this wedding the GWS posted today! The grooms found everything on this website and their special day looked AMAZING!

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Elas adoram tudo e nós agradecemos. Agradecemos porque adoramos boa disposição e boas ideias. E isso não lhes falta pois em época de tantos casamentos, festas de aniversário, baptizados, festas divertidas é o que se quer!
E agora temos quem trate de tudo por nós! Segundo as próprias, dizem que a ADORO , em inglês faríamos “party planning, styling & life photo”. Em português fazemos exactamente o mesmo. Idealizamos, concretizamos e registamos dias felizes. Criamos o visual do acontecimento e decoramos tudo, inspirado nos anfitriões. E tudo SIMPLESmente criativo e intimista. E ainda descomplicamos ideias como “organizar”, “orçamentar” e “logística”.

A Fotocabine é o ex-libris da casa e facilmente percebemos porquê…

Handmade Rugs made in Portugal

A friend of mine created CarpetSense with another friend and I think they’re doing a pretty damn good job! They mix the contemporary design and technology with traditional methods of the textile production and all is done in Portugal (there’s nothing better than to raise the country’spirit up in these troubled times, right?).

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The wonderful world of a flowers lover

The other day my sister introduced me this blog – Citrus and Orange. And I keep following its updates ever since. Although I can’t have most of the things she shows there (but I wish!) it’s always delightful to watch and OMG I envy her garden! It’s perfect for bright colors-flowers-retro-lovers .
Citrus and Orange belongs to Susana, a economist with a true passion for what she shows. And now Citrus and Orange has a great giveaway on the website: the items on the image I posted. I think it’s worth to have a look.






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We want Blogshop in Lisbon!

Or at least I do!!! I’ve read blogshop is visiting Europe, to be exact, Berlin and Paris next October. Maybe we should give them a shout and send e-mails to tell the girls to Come to Lisbon! 😉

BLOGSHOP is is a Photoshop bootcamp. minus the push-ups. It is a full weekend spent stuffing your brain full of things to make your images on your blog unique and eye catching. We teach the basics from scratch as well as some more advanced techniques and then applying them with your own perspective to layouts that you will use when you go back to your own blog. People who have no experience with Photoshop will leave the course with confidence to create layout, prep images for mood boards and collages, retouch skin and color correct images, animate gifs, add textures, borders, type and drawing to their images to make each of their blog posts or other visual materials special. At the end of the first day we will have a portrait session, so on the second day you can work on your own pictures which will be perfect for contributor photos and bio pages.
This jump-right-in approach to Photoshop is a great way to demystify the program, and make it another tool to bring with you into the competitive world of visual design. (via

Ou pelo menos eu quero!!! Li que as meninas do blogshop vêm visitar a Europa, mais precisamente Berlim e Paris no próximo mês de Outubro. Talvez pudéssemos aproveitar a sugestão delas e enviar-lhes e-mails a dizer para Visitarem Lisboa! 😉
Visitem o site e vão ver que vale a pena!