Green Wedding Shoes

If you’re planning your wedding or you know someone who is then the Green Wedding Shoes has to be your bible! Everything they post is adorable and if it’s impossible for you to find a vendor in your area you can get at least pretty good damn ideas. See this wedding the GWS posted today! The grooms found everything on this website and their special day looked AMAZING!

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Handmade Rugs made in Portugal

A friend of mine created CarpetSense with another friend and I think they’re doing a pretty damn good job! They mix the contemporary design and technology with traditional methods of the textile production and all is done in Portugal (there’s nothing better than to raise the country’spirit up in these troubled times, right?).

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The wonderful world of a flowers lover

The other day my sister introduced me this blog – Citrus and Orange. And I keep following its updates ever since. Although I can’t have most of the things she shows there (but I wish!) it’s always delightful to watch and OMG I envy her garden! It’s perfect for bright colors-flowers-retro-lovers .
Citrus and Orange belongs to Susana, a economist with a true passion for what she shows. And now Citrus and Orange has a great giveaway on the website: the items on the image I posted. I think it’s worth to have a look.






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